Grants How to Apply

Grant Instructions for 2019-20


You’re invited! The Perry Township Education Foundation encourages all staff to submit an application to acquire funds for your creative and innovative efforts to enhance learning for Perry Township students. All submissions are due by 4pm Friday, February 7, 2020.


  • Any certified staff member or administrator employed through Perry Township schools or serving Perry Township students through Southside Special Services of Marion County during the 2019-2020 school year is eligible to apply.
  • Grant requests will be considered in TWO categories:
    • Grant A—Up to $1,250; OR
    • Grant B—$1,500-$5,000
      • There are a very LIMITED number of Grant B funds available.
      • You may NOT apply for funding for the SAME project in both grant categories.
    • You may apply for one grant in each category as an individual, or as lead applicant in one collaborative grant.
    • You may be part of any number of collaborative grants but only listed as the lead applicant once per category.


  • The Perry Township Education Foundation and a Grants Committee comprised of board members, staff, and volunteers will read and score each grant based on this rubric.
  • Please ensure your project supports the PTEF mission and goals.
  • Any references to individuals or schools (including school mascot, colors, etc.) on the grant application will automatically disqualify the application from funding.


  • Applications MUST be submitted via the online grant application form. We are no longer accepting paper applications via interoffice mail OR as email attachments.
  • In a document saved in a safe, electronic place, answer the application questions (see below). Then, copy and paste those answers into the online grant application form.
  • All online applications must be completed in ONE SITTING — there is no log-in process (for protection of sensitive data).
  • Do not use your name, school name, or any other identifying information in title or proposal, except where it is explicitly requested.
  • Be clear and concise. Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation are expected.
  • Discuss your proposal with your principal who will give you an approval number prior to submission.
  • Applicants are encouraged to review this list of frequently asked questions that includes tips for successful applications.
  • All submissions are due by 4pm Friday, February 7, 2020.

Other important information:

  • Funding notifications will be sent in early April 2020.
  • Grant monies will be paid to the treasurer at the recipient’s school.
  • Funded grantees must complete their activities and submit final reports by Friday, May 1, 2021.
  • The Foundation cannot guarantee grants will be funded for multiple years.

Apply Online



***Please use the information below as GUIDE to prepare your answers. All applications MUST be submitted using the online grant application form.***

  • Applicant’s name, email address, and school
  • Principal’s name and Approval Number (obtain from principal)
  • Indicate which grant you are applying for (Grant A—Up to $1,250 or Grant B—$1,500-$5,000)
  • Grant Title
  • Questions:
    1. Imagine a local newspaper is writing a story about your successful grant project. What would the headline of the story be? (200 characters or less)
    2. Describe your idea, including but not limited to:*
      • How the grant funds will be used
      • What you will be doing to bring your idea to fruition
      • What opportunities the grant funds will provide your students
      • How the grant funds will assist in your students’ learning
    3. At the end of your project, what will you have accomplished, and how will you know it was a success?*
    4. What would you like your students to remember most when they reflect upon your proposed project? How will it inspire them?*
    5. Provide a detailed budget for your project, including items to purchase, their individual cost, and the total cost.*
    6. If your grant is being submitted on behalf of a group or team, what roles/tasks will each person play?*
    7. If funded, PTEF representatives will conduct a site visit. When would be a good time to conduct the visit to see your grant in action? How will you recognize PTEF as the funder among colleagues, students, parents, etc.?*

*These questions have a 3,000 character limit (about 500 words).