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Shelley Dorris


Glenns Valley Elementary School

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Sci Fri


“Sci Fri” is an abbreviated form of “Science Fridays” for first graders and a (secret) community guest (parent/guardian, grandparent, administrator, community leader). Community involvement will be weekly as the adult guest will guide a science demonstration. Classroom students will have the opportunity to be science assistants, complete with lab coats and safety glasses. Students will anticipate Friday guests and topics with daily clues! Students will build interest in science-based curriculum that connects with other subject areas. Boys and girls will be motivated through engaging demonstrations, explorations, questioning, and problem solving. Sci Fri will take place in a first grade classroom with opportunities for other first grade classrooms to share lessons and materials. The outcomes of Sci Fri include incorporating STEM hands-on learning and increasing student interest, experience, and achievement. An additional outcome would include increasing community and home-school involvement. Sci Fri will be THE TOPIC that children think of first when asked, “What did you learn at school today?”

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