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Matt Evans & Shaun Richardson


Perry Meridian Middle School

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Healthy Bodies = Healthy Minds


Through physical education classes, all students in all grades will be affected with the incorporation of battle ropes, rings, sledgehammers, and free weights into their strength training regime. Our goal is to give all students as many fun and unique opportunities as possible to enhance their wellness.

Studies show that healthy bodies equal healthy minds as students who engage in physical activity on a daily basis are better able to cope with learning and stay focused throughout the school day. Strength training is critical to building muscle, developing aerobic endurance, and burning calories. The equipment will be used every day in our gyms and wrestling room to assist our students in developing overall fitness, cardiovascular endurance, and muscular strength. To ensure all classes have access to and engage in strength training, all teachers’ classes will rotate through the fitness station work at least twice a week in a fitness station format. The stations will include, but not be limited to, repetitive set exercises with battle ropes, lifts, rings, squats, sledgehammers, resistance, and free weights.

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