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Lori Ham

Lori Ham


Mary Bryan Elementary School

Grant Title

History for Little Hoosiers


My grant proposal is best described as a request for monies to enhance, strengthen, and add rigor to the teaching of social studies according to the Indiana state standards for fourth graders. This grant will provide the necessary resources to give fourth graders at my school the background knowledge and information for our culminating Historical Timeline event, in which students will research historical people, events, and periods in Indiana History to create a human timeline as a way to share their historical research with the entire school as well as parents and community members.

Through a grant, I would be able to provide a plethora of opportunities, experiences, and resources to enhance the teaching of the social studies curriculum to prepare for the culminating Historical Timeline event. One experience that will be provided as a result of this grant would be to have professional re-enactor, Mr. Kevin Stonerock, come in costume and perform first person narratives of historical time periods regarding the state of Indiana, such as A Visit with A Hoosier Pioneer, Billy Yank: Common Soldier for the Union, State Museum Education Outreach program, and leasing Education Trunks filled with time period artifacts, students activities, and teacher materials related to the teaching of Indiana’s social studies curriculum for fourth graders. The Education Trunks would give the fourth graders at my school the opportunity for hands-on activities to assist in learning about Indiana’s art, science, and culture. The following Education Trunks would be utilized: Indiana’s Native Americans, Folk Art: Indiana Stories and Traditions, The Hoosier Group, Indiana’s Ice Age Animals, Indiana and Civil War, Indiana in Lincoln’s Time, and Covered Wagon. Also, grant monies will provide for the purchase of one Chromebook for teacher curricular planning and multiple licenses for digital downloads of Crossroads Connect for grade level teachers and students. Crossroads Connect is a fourth grade Indiana social studies interactive digital textbook designed to deliver an engaging educational experience aligned with Indiana state standards, developed by Ball State University’s Virginia Ball Center for Creative Inquiry under the supervision of History Professor Dr. Ronald Morris, a former Perry Township teacher.

In closing, it is my goal to enhance, strengthen, and add rigor to the teaching of social studies at the fourth grade level for all students at my school. However, the uniqueness and design of this grant will allow for social studies curriculum and learning to impact the entire school population at my school. Being awarded this grant will make this goal a reality for all fourth grade students at my school and help to develop and foster well-educated citizens who will respect, protect, and sustain our Republic and its democratic traditions.

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