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Lisa Goss


Jeremiah Gray-Edison Elementary School

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Orff for Everyone!


All grade levels at our school will benefit from learning about how music relates to other curricular areas through rhythm and melody! Within lessons throughout the year, students will be given time to explore, create, and play rhythms and melodies using pitched and unpitched instruments. Through this exploratory time, students will be able to perform rhythms and use poetry or rhyme to make music. Melodic instruction through identifying, playing, and writing simple melodies will be essential to students understanding of melody. Students will engage activities exploring beat, rhythm, dynamics, form, timbre, melody, and expression. Using the National Standards for Music Education as our guide, each grade level will experience activities appropriate for their learning. They will be able to read and notate rhythms and simple melodies; listen to and analyze rhythms and simple melodies; and play rhythms or melodies on pitched or unpitched instruments alone and with others. They will make connections between music and other arts and subjects. Finally, they will be able to evaluate and monitor their own performances and those of others. Through rhythm and melodic exploration, students will learn the value of how music can connect to everyday life. Words and rhymes have a rhythm that will encourage students to become fluent readers. The value of these activities will enhance the experience for all students and will be essential to the hands-on learning we provide in music class.

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