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Jennifer Tidd


Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy

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Have Math and Science...Will Travel!


Take home “backpacks” will teach/reinforce the new standards for math and science. Students will teach their siblings, parents, and friends the different concepts while demonstrating content and process standards! Several backpacks will be available to take home and bring back digital or written evidence about what was shared with the family.

Science, Engineering, and Technology: We will build Go Karts or humdingers to model the change from potential to kinetic energy.

Physical Science: We will “trap” an egg in the middle of a beaker of water to demonstrate the different density of substances. The salt water at the bottom of a beaker is denser than the water at the top of the beaker to demonstrate the illusion of a floating egg.

Earth and Space Science: We will use a remote controlled moon to demonstrate the different phases of the moon and identify when they occur.

Life Science: We will read about food webs using children’s literature and relate it to our own food web.

Number Sense: We will play credit/debit to demonstrate the adding and subtracting of positive and negative numbers using the real life use of credits and debits.

Computation: We will provide a questions press account for kids to be able to solve problems at individualized levels and get immediate feedback on their answers.

Algebra and Functions: We will play Algebra Election to demonstrate the solving of equations while trying to “win” the election by capturing votes from each state.

Geometry and Measurement: We will play Battleship on an adult size grid to demonstrate the locations of coordinates in all four quadrants of the coordinate grids.

Data Analysis and Statistics: We will use Hands-On Equations to physically model the solving of equations before moving to more abstract equations. Each child will sign out a backpack at least twice a quarter (one science, one math). They will bring back pictures (using a provided camera or their own), videos, illustrations, and/or notes about the content taught to their family members and the learning that occurred.

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