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Erin Arashiro

Erin Arashiro


Mary Bryan Elementary School

Grant Title

Sit, Kneel, Stand: Learning Our Way


My students will be using alternative seating in our classroom. Students will be able to sit at a regular table, kneel at a lowered table, stand at a high table, and sit or lay on the floor, as well as use alternative seating materials such as cushions, wobble seats, stability balls, and mats. Students will be able to choose what type of seating works best for their learning style. We have added a few types of seating and have seen such an improvement in learning, focus, and behavior.

My grant will address all three of the Foundation goals. Alternative seating will impact students positively by allowing them to learn in the best way for them. It is an innovative and creative teaching strategy that is based in research and has proven to have many benefits for more effective learning in the classroom. By having the choice to learn in a way that meets their unique learning style, students will have improved achievement.

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