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Eileen Weber


Perry Meridian High School

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Celebrating History and Leaving a Lasting Legacy


Indiana’s 2016 Bicentennial Celebration aims to honor our state’s 200 years of history in a way that engages all Hoosiers, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. Exploring Indiana’s history helps us learn how we have arrived where we are and will subsequently provide a foundation upon which to plan for our future. Indiana’s Bicentennial will provide a unique learning prospect for young Hoosiers to actively participate in this historic celebration. Fascinating Indiana residents have made countless contributions to our country’s heritage. Our 200th birthday is a remarkable opportunity to engage our students to help showcase the best of Indiana’s ordinary and extraordinary men and women.

Students will investigate notable figures and events from Indiana’s expansive 200-year history and then report on all of the awe-inspiring influences of Indiana Hoosiers. Students will use primary and secondary sources as a part of the research process. They will be creating short stories, poetry, and artistic designs as a part of our Bicentennial celebration. Questions will be used to provide focus for the research. 1) Why and/or how is this man/woman or event significant to Indiana history? 2) What effect does this man/woman or event still have on Hoosiers and/or Americans today? 3) How is this person or event remembered today (memorials, museums, films, etc.)? Should more be done to memorialize this person/event, and if so, what? 4) Why should future students continue to learn about this person/event from Indiana’s history?

Students will integrate the CORE subjects of English and History with non-core subjects, potentially using technology, art, and music. They will use their stories, poetry, and illustrations to produce and publish a children’s book. Students will use their published work to share with other students throughout the township through paired and peer readings. There will be a cost of printing paperback books as they will be used for the aforementioned paired reading. Students will need to publish their work, so that it will provide a lasting legacy; accordingly, the books will be perfect-bound for durability. A minimum of 200 books will be needed. School libraries within our township will receive a donation of five to 10 books. My students will have two class sets of 35 books to use for paired readings, and these readings will be organized and coordinated with schools within the township. A request will also be made to the Bicentennial Committee for a State leader to come to our school as a guest speaker. This state representative will address our students and be asked to read a few stories/poems from our published work.

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