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Chelsea Highfill


Glenns Valley Elementary School

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Most Inspiring Cereal Box Biographies


The goal of this grant is to provide a creative research project that encourages students to read more biographies. Third grade students will be asked to choose one famous or inspirational person’s biography to read and research. Students will then use that information to create a cereal box book report. ISTEP requires third graders to begin reading for information and to make inferences, and this project provides every third grader a fun creative way to meet ISTEP goals. They will be using the layout of a cereal box to display and present their research. The front cover of the cereal box will display the name of the person they researched and a picture of them. The back cover will include a student-created game about the topic, such as a word search or crossword. One narrow side of the box will include a summary, and the other side will include a list of ingredients. The ingredients will include six or more objects or pictures representing their person. Since this is a cereal box project, our second goal is to provide cereal to those families in need. We would buy boxes of cereal with this grant and keep the boxes for the project. Then we would send the bags of cereal home with students who are already in our food bag program at school. This grant will help us with supplies and helping those in need.

This is a family event for all third graders to experience collaboration between home and school. This is a great way to build that community support. Parents and students will be asked to sign a contract that details the requirements and due date of the project. They will be given some time during school to work on their projects if they need any extra assistance. These projects will be presented to classmates as well as to parents during our Open House in the spring.

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