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Service Learning Endowment

Coming in 2017-2018.

Through the generosity of Ms. Rosemarie Kuntz, the Perry Township Education Foundation is calling for grant proposals in the area of Service Learning. This opportunity is available to grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 and:

  • Must impact positively on students;
  • Support the creative service learning teaching strategy of curriculum-based projects that incorporate real-life problem solving within the community; and
  • Contribute directly to improved student achievement.

Service learning is an innovative teaching and learning method that integrates community activities into academic curricula. In school-based service learning, community experiences complement classroom studies and enable student to reflect and take action in addressing community needs. Service learning is not a one-time volunteer experience; rather, it’s a planned academic strategy that involves student experiences in significant age-appropriate challenges and tasks that require initiative and problem solving. A successful service learning experience should engage young people in responsible and challenging actions for the common good. When young people have a role in improving society, then they understand the concept of democracy.

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