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Callon Endowment

The Perry Township Education Foundation supports the building and development of a sense of community with internal and external constituencies. This opportunity is available to middle schools to build on the legacy left by George F. Callon, thanks to the generosity of his family, friends, and former teachers, staff members, and colleagues.

George F. Callon (1930-2001) served for 28 years as an outstanding junior high and middle school principal in Perry Township schools. He oversaw his schools’ transition from the junior high model to the middle school model in 1970 and the implementation of the desegregation busing order in 1973. He inspired loyalty from his teachers and staff for his leadership in developing a sense of community and purpose within the school and for his building of bridges to the community served by his schools. He was respected by students, faculty, and staff as fair yet demanding, supportively allowing them to take the initiative to lead in various roles while holding them responsible for their efforts. As a result, many of those who worked for him went on to serve as leaders in schools throughout Perry Township. He honored the contributions of all staff members, from administration through secretaries, custodians, and cafeteria workers, and was also known for his sense of humor, enjoying a good belly laugh even at his own expense. Former colleagues, teachers, and students made it a point to make contact even years after his retirement in 1990 to be sure he and his family knew how significant his contributions had been in their lives.

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